Blogging Resources & Tools

Professional Blogging Tools and Resources are the essential and most important list of tools and resources for every blogger who wants to grow their blogging career in this competitive world.

I’ve been frequently asked about the set of blogging tools I’ve used. So, I’ve decided to share all the essential blogging resources and tools which I’ve personally used.

Starting a blog is really a challenge for everyone. I’ve started blogging since last 2+ years using WordPress. It is really difficult to blog regularly. Sometimes, I often unable to manage my blog regularly. Even, I didn’t blog for more than 3 months. That’s pretty disappointing as well.

There are so many resources and tools available on the web when it comes to blogging.

But, selection of a right set of blogging tools and resources for a newbie blogger is always essential for growth.

I’ve handcrafted some of the essential blogging resources and tools that I’ve used to leverage my blog and maintain consistent traffic on my blog even if I was unable to blog regularly.

Note: I will be updating this list whenever I’ll find useful and effective blogging resources or tools.

Let me introduce you to a variety of blogging resources and tools to put you on track of your blogging career. Open your note and start noting important resources and tools for you.

1. Physical Tools

MacBook Pro

Wondering why I’m referring you a MacBook?


According to me, MacBook is an exceptional computing notebook which is handy and efficient. I would prefer if you’ve got a budget to purchase a MacBook Pro as it is for professionals. If not, you can buy a MacBook Air as well which is much cheaper.

Also, let me tell you, I’ve bought a MacBook Pro at 0% Interest on EMI. So, you can buy too using Bajaj Finance or HDFC Finance in India from local vendors. You can contact your nearby local Apple Store for more details.

Home Office with Organised Desk:

Home Office with Organised Desk

Setting up of Home Office is must with an organized desk which will create positive vibes and will allow you to concentrate on your work without any type of distraction.

2. Blogging Platform (Self Hosted Version)

Self  Hosted WordPress a.k.a is well-known and most popular blogging platform freely available in the market. It is an open source Content Management System which is considered to be a perfect CMS in its niche.

I, personally use the self-hosted version of WordPress as it provides me lots of flexibility and scalability to make any change at my convenience. Hence, I do recommend it to you as well irrespective of being a technical or non-technical person.

3. Domains


GoDaddy is one of the leading domain provider in the world. I’ve always come up with great discounts while purchasing a domain from GoDaddy irrespective of being it a new domain or a domain renewal.

You can get your first .com domain at a discounted rate from GoDaddy by purchasing it for 2 years where first year will be charged only 99 INR (~ $2)



4. Hosting

WPX Hosting

Blogging Resources & Tools — Mehul Gohil
WPX Hosting – Amazing Speed & Proactive Support

WPX Hosting is one of the fastest growing WordPress managed hosting which has an incredible and proactive support team who are eager to help you any time with a maximum of 30 seconds of response time.

Recently, I moved my hosting to WPX from FlyWheel and surprised with the amazing page loading speed below 1 second and proactive support.

FlyWheel and surprised with the amazing page loading speed below 1 second and proactive support.


FlyWheel, a managed WordPress hosting built for anyone creating beautiful websites.
FlyWheel – Delightful Managed WordPress Hosting

I’ve used FlyWheel as a hosting for my website for 1 year and overall satisfied with the ease of use, scalability and reliability.

However, a bit disappointed with the page loading speed they are providing when compared with limitations on number of visits due to which it seems that they are burdening the servers with lots of sites and not optimising the servers after that.

I’ve noticed gradual decrease in page load speed over time.

and lots of amazing high end features at cheaper rates. 

No Overage Fees when there are traffic spikes on your website during a viral content or your successful marketing campaign is the awesome feature that I like the most.

5. WordPress Themes

I use a custom designed WordPress theme specifically built for my website.

Unfortunately, this design will not be available for sale or download.

However, I’ve used couple of themes on my website from some popular theme providers.

If you’re looking for some high-quality WordPress themes to be applied on your WordPress site. Then, you must try any of the themes by:

6. SEO & Keyword Research Tools


SEMrush is one of the most popular keyword research tool. I’ve started using SEMrush with the free version which allowed me limited number of search and improvements on my site.


7. Affiliate Network


Commission Junction

8. Content Delivery Network (CDN)




9. Advertisement Program

Google Adsense



10. Social Media Management Tools




11. Security Tools

Security is an essential and most important factor to consider for any business website.

To improve security to hack proof level, I would recommend you to purchase a managed WordPress Hosting and install couple of plugins as mentioned below:

Login Lockdown

I use Login LockDown plugin to prevent brute-force login attacks.

This plugin helps you to lock user’s IP address after an X number of failed login attempts by restricting further login attempts for a specific period of time.


Sucuri offers web monitoring and malware cleanup service. It helps you to enhance your WordPress security by actively monitoring and blocking cyber attacks when you’re dealing with millions of traffic and sales on your business website.

I would recommend you to install Sucuri Plugin, if your website is earning you atleast $1000 every month.

That’s all for now!

I will update this page regularly when I start using some new plugin or tool on my site.

If you have any questions about any of the blogging resources and tools listed below, feel free to drop me an email me or contact me.

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